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Measuring for Curtains

Prior to making any curtains we will arrange a site visit to take accurate measurements, but to get a rough quote, please send measurements using the guide below to help.  Use a metal measuring tape and double check all measurements.  It's recommended to install the curtain pole or track before measuring up, so that the finished curtains are the best possible fit.  Your track or pole should extend by 15-20cm on each side ( or more for large windows), in order to clear as much window as possible when curtains are open.

How to measure for curtains

Width measurement
For a curtain pole, measure between the finials.
For a curtain track, measure the entire length.
For a split curtain track, measure parts A + B (see diagram) to allow for the overlap.

Curtain Measurments

Choose what length you want your finished curtains to be.  Take measurements from the top of the track or with a pole it's standard to measure from the bottom of the ring.
Typical curtain lengths are below the sill (usually around 10cm below or 2cm above a radiator),

just above the floor (around 5-10mm), touching the floor, or for a relaxed look, you can have longer length curtains which 'puddle' on the floor (works really well with luxury fabrics like silk)

Slight adjustments can be made to the hanging height of your finished curtains, with the positioning of the hooks on the heading tape. 

Curtain length is affected by the temperature and humidity in a room, depending on the type of fabric- seasonal changes in length can occur.

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