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Measuring for Bespoke blinds

What sets apart a bespoke blind is the perfect fit, which all comes down to the measuring.  Decide how you would like the blind to be positioned- blinds can be fitted either inside or outside a window recess.  Prior to making a blind we will arrange a site visit to take accurate measurements, but to get a rough quote, please send measurements using the guide below to help.  Use a metal measuring tape and double check all measurements.

Bespoke roman blind in patchwork fabric

Inside a window recess
A neat solution that blocks the light effectively.  Make sure there are no obstructions such as window handles that will get in the way when the blind is fully extended.  A recess should be at least 6 cm deep to accommodate the blind.  Beaded or pom pom trims are not recommended on blinds that sit inside a  recess, as when the blind is fully extended, the bottom edge of the blind sits on the sill, and there is no clearance.

measuring for a blind inside a recess

To measure up for blinds fitted inside a window recess, measure width (A) at several points (top, middle and bottom), to allow for variation and make a note of the narrowest measurement.  Deduct 0.5cm from this measurement to give clearance for the blind to move up and down without snagging on the sides.

Measure length (B).  Do not deduct anything- this will be the finished length of your blind.

Fermoie roman blind in bathroom

Outside a window recess
Blinds fitted outside a window recess overlap the window frame or wall on either side.  On sash windows you can make the blind the same width as the window casement, or depending on the style of the architrave you can set the blind within the frame, so the frame forms a border around the blind.  In old properties, note that window frames may not be straight- in which case we recommend making the blind a bit wider so that when it is fully lowered it still covers the window.  Blinds can be mounted above the window, allowing most of the blind to clear the window when it is pulled up to let more light in (though be aware that this will visually alter the proportions of the window).


measuring for a blind outside a recess

Decide how much you want your blinds to overlap the wall or window casement (C).  It's recommended to make the blind the same width as the frame or the window sill.

For the length of the blind (D), Either measure the height of the frame for sash windows, or for windows fitted in a recess, measure the height of the recess and add 15 cm.  (We recommend the blind be set 10-15cm above the window, and extend to 5cm below the sill.)

Please be aware that blind chains pose a strangling hazard to young children.  Blinds come with safety features- either a wall mounted chain holder or a quick release chain.

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