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Roman blinds can be fitted either inside or outside a window recess.


Inside a window recess

A neat solution that blocks the light effectively.  Make sure there are no obstructions such as window handles that will get in the way when the blind is fully extended.  A recess should be at least 9cm deep to accomodate the blind.


Beaded or pom pom trims are not recommended on blinds that sit inside a  recess, as when the blind is fully extended, the bottom edge of the blind sits on the sill, and there is no clearance.





Outside a window recess

Blinds fitted outside a window recess overlap the window frame or wall on either side.  It's a nice idea with sash windows to make the blind the same width as the window casement.  In old properties, note that window frames may not be straight.  I would recommend making the blind a bit wider so that when it is fully extended it still covers the window.


Blinds can be mounted above the window, allowing most of the blind to clear the window when it is pulled up to let more light in (though be aware that this will visually alter the proportions of the window).


Please be aware that blind chains pose a strangling hazard to young children.  Blinds come with safety features- either a wall mounted chain holder or a quick release chain.

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